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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bournvita L'll Champ with DHA

Cadbury Bournvita has already been extended its Bournvita brand & introduced Bournvita L’ll champs with unique feature DHA almost 3 years back. Bournvita L’ll champs is specially targeting to 2 to 5 years children for their brain development. This time Bollywood actress & Kajol is being endorsed brand Bournvita L’ll champs & playing as mother role, though she is also playing mother role in her personal life.

Brand: - Bournvita L’ll Champs

Target group: - 2 to 5 years children

U.S.P. / Core Competency: - DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) as well as an omega-3 fatty acid and macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) which help to grow & develop child’s brain.

Brand Campaign & Strategy:-
5 days back, Bournvita L’ll Champ have been rolled out with new TVC & brand is being endorsed by Kajol. She is preparing & trying to remember some answers which have been asked by son. While she is giving an answer her boy, that there are infinite stars in the sky. Promptly boy replied that I already asked and now tell me mom why there are 28 days in February month? Mom thinking & replied that answer let you know tomorrow.

The purpose is that normally 2 to 5 years children are asking vary question to their parents and many time parents also not having an answer for the same. That’s why Kajol is conveying message at the end of campaign that perceptive  Mom are choosing Bournvita L’ll champ for their 2-5 years children because it has DHA for brain development , ‘thodi mehnat to aapko bhi karni padegi i.e. (you will also have to little hard work).

Strategy may be reflecting to some negative impact on mothers if their child will not consume Bournvita L’ll champ, their children brain can not develop well. Isn’t it? That means, routine food may not work well for brain development. Every mother is caring their children for their development. Children mind had been very sharp & well –developed 30 years back, they never consumed such food for brain development. Day by day, there are introducing numbers of product in market for children development and products offering various nutritional ingredients, vitamin, iron etc.

There are many ways available to promote brand where it can build up strong brand equity & trustworthiness. Yet, Bournvita L’ll champ has not been covered that much market. It is to be required well-planned strategy & generate much more awareness about DHA. Until mom does not know, what is DHA then how can they give product to their children. It will be much better if brand will do on ground promotional activity.

Let’s see how Kajol will be influencing to Mom…

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